Intermodal Logistics

Intermodal Logistics

Businesses around the world are using our Intermodal Transportaton Solutions to streamline their supply chains. Intermodal options are an increasingly popular soluton for clients looking for freight movement that is faster, more predictable and more reliable.

Rail freight trains are fitted with GPS tracking systems protecting your cargo with minute by minute updates allowing us to know exactly where your cargo is at any given moment. 

You can send and recieve a huge variety of goods with rail freight transportation. This includes DG (dangerous goods), LCL (Less than Container Load)and FCL (Full Container Load) culminating in door-to-door deliveries.

Sending your goods via rail freight is also much more environmentally friendly too. Typically, sea freight from China to the UK would consume circa 139 tons of C02 with air freight sitting at 77tons.

The equivelent journey by rail would only consume around 5 tons. This is the kind of difference that will bring down the carbon footprint of any business, large or small.

Right now there has never been a better time to take advantage of our  'Tried & Tested'  Intermodal Logistics Services. With Airline Carrier prices rising daily, we have seen quotes of $7 to $15 per kilo.

In these unsettled times, Intermodal Logistics can provide a cheaper, safer and more reliable option to your regular services ... and don't forget, it's better for the environment.

  • Rail freight
  • Continuous movements of cargo
  • Mixture of Rail and Sea
  • 45’ PW containers
  • 34 Euro pallets vs 33 on the road
  • 4 operating centres