FMCG, or Fast Moving Consumer Goods are normally perishable items delivered in bulk. Items such as food stuffs, soft drinks and toiletries to disposable electronic goods like small digital cameras. FMCG goods can offer a profitable market solution for retailers as the items are often low cost with good profit margins.

As these items are usually transported in bulk,  FMCG Logistics can present a unique challenge. For instance, storage becomes more complicated as the scope of products can be diverse and with the high volumes involved, stock management and product picking is an important consideration.

Invictus Global Logistics can handle all your FMCG transportation and logistics needs. Thanks to a wealth of experience in dealing with companies operating in the FMCG sector learned through many years in the industry.

Increasingly, FMCG brands see their suppliers not simply as vendors but as key assets in realising their business strategy. See below for some of the areas we specialise in …

  • Goods transportation utilising our extensive global partnerships
  • Moffett fork lifts and tail lifts
  • Dedicated warehousing
  • Full Third Party warehousing services inc. Pick and Pack
  • Robust back office systems with inventory management & vehicle tracking
  • 'Store Ready' Order Preparation
  • Quality Checks
  • Vendor Management
  • Physical Freight Solutions

Although the FMCG sector is enjoying noticeable growth, it’s not all about food these days. Beverages and fast fashion are also benefitting from the advances in the uses of technology in marketing and distribution. Successful companies will be those that adapt quickly to changing needs. What do customers really want?  We believe they want an easy and transparent buying experience, whether in-store or online, with responsive customer services on a 24/7 basis.